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How to Hang Curtains

Lets start out right at the start:

Step ladders: Ensure you have a gentle pair of steps never to small and that means you above reach. Your arms will drop of before you have taken your 1st lesson in how to hang curtains. Not to tall that You can not reach the window comfortably devoid of leaning out towards the aspect to hang curtains throwing you off stability.

Curtain hooks for normal pencil pleat curtain tape

Curtain hooks All over again make certain before you start that you have adequate of the appropriate form of curtain hooks

Gentle curtains are going to be good with normal plastic hooks.

Medium bodyweight curtains use nylon hooks, more powerful than plastic. They’re going to flex devoid of breaking.

Hefty curtains use metallic nickel hooks, They are really bit fiddly to handle they all adhere jointly the box. Just like the Chinese puzzles I had as a child.

Curtain hooks for bucram headed curtains

You will require What exactly are known as “pin hooks” just because they’ve got a sharp pin which pierces from the fabric and bucram to the back again of the curtain header. This sort of heading will make for the best seeking curtains. As always the most beneficial all means expenses that little bit much more.

An extra set of hands

If you find yourself Understanding how to hang curtains big or weighty it is very beneficial to obtain somebody standing at ground degree Keeping the curtain having the burden. This enables you to cling the curtain on to your keep track of or rod effortlessly.

The quantity of hooks will you’ll need?

Effectively for curtains with typical pencil pleat tape you may need a hook each individual 4th pocket.

For bucram headed curtains you may need 1 For each and every pleat or goblet and a person for every end.

Getting ready your bucram headed curtains prior to hanging.

The good news other than putting inside the pin hooks location them down one/two inch within the leading of one’s curtain. there isn’t any much more prepping to do. You only must learn the way to hold curtains and dress them properly.

prepping your pencil pleat curtains ahead of hanging:

Common pencil pleat curtains to start you must gather the tape on the highest of the curtains. You do this by pulling out the 3 cords in the back of the curtain tape. To start out pull the cords away from both of those finishes in the curtain tape and tie them together in a very business knot.

You’ll find 2 causes for this

one. It stops you pulling the cords wholly out of the tape (not a superb get started when Studying how to hang curtains).

two. It keeps the cords collectively on the end that you simply pull the cords out to assemble your curtain.

Then keep on to pull the cords out. Straightforward idea on accumulating your curtains. Get 1 list of knotted cords and hook in excess of a door handle or A few other mounted item. Then use one particular hand to carry the curtain tape and with the opposite hand start to pull the tape clear of the doorway deal with. You will note the heading in your curtain start to pleat.

How vast would you curtains should be?

Up coming check what half the width of your respective observe or rod actions. Lets say your observe is a hundred inches very long. You fifty percent this to 50 inches, then insert on two inches to permit your curtains to easily meet up with in the center when hanging. And so the concluded width that you would like to assemble Every of the set of curtains is fifty two inches. The greater you find out how to hang curtains, the more this becomes second mother nature.

Before you decide to dangle curtains…halt and Test!

Before you begin to hang your curtain you have to lay your curtain down on a desk or the floor and check the collected width is about appropriate. Then if to narrow then pull out the tape a bit. If to broad then gather during the tape somewhat more.

How about the surplus twine?

Lastly checking out all that surplus wire and evening up the pleats while in the tape. Usually do not Minimize THE CORDS! The very best solution is to bundle the cords up by wrapping them all over all of your fingers then tie a slip knot within the bundle. This permits you in the future to alter the header tape should really you need to.

When the cords are sorted out change the curtain in excess of. You should consider the pleats and try and also them out. Just get it done around right now simply because once you arrive at hang them the pleats will transfer just a little.

Final occupation prior to hanging your curtains

All most there, before you decide to can hang your curtain You will need to place the curtain hooks into the pockets over the back again of your tape. On most typical pencil pleat tape there are actually 3 pockets leading, middle and bottom.

How to hold curtains from the rod or pole

If hanging under a rod or pole place your curtain hooks in the top pocket. Also Observe the number of rings with your rod or pole. This establishes the volume of hooks you place in the curtain tape. Being a general guideline you utilize fewer hooks on a rod or pole than on the curtain observe. With a keep track of put a hook ever 4th pocket and on the ror or pole just about every 6 to 8 pockets.

Hanging from the monitor?

If hanging from a curtain monitor then put your curtain hooks in the middle or base pocket pocket. This enables the curtain to deal with the observe when closed. To decide which pocket to utilize try out just one and see what your curtain seems like hanging. In the event your joyful then terrific do another curtain. Otherwise delighted transfer the curtain hooks up or right down to suit.

The 1st move when hanging

Quite a bit of individuals say you ought to always get started hanging your curtains with the finishes of the track or rod and do the job in direction of the center. I Disagree, I say you ought to always start out from the center and perform outwards to the ends. The explanation I suggest you are doing it by doing this is mainly because When you have

too many gliders on your monitor or too many rings on your rod you can certainly eliminate them from your ends of one’s keep track of or rod. Where by if you start from the outside in to the middle the surplus gliders or rings are locked in the course of your monitor or rod. That means You will need to unhang your curtains to eliminate them. Not way more now and you’ll have the basics regarding how to hang curtains.

Why perform some advise to start out from the middle?

The key reason why is on some tracks and rods, but generally the corded sort. They’ve got what are identified as overlap arms. These are typically quick arms made of steel or platic with holes in for the final couple of curtain hooks on Just about every leading edge of your respective set of curtains (edges that meet up with at Centre of one’s window). Theses overlap arms let just one curtain to go and overlap one other curtain by two or three inches. Hence providing you with overall privateness.

So what is the major problem?

So in which’s the challenge? the condition is the fact that these arms aren’t really robust. This implies when you start to hold a medium to major curtain. Primarily without the need of someone carrying the burden they sag and twist or break completely.

Staying away from the trouble!

So how can we keep away from that when hanging from the middle with the track or rod and dealing outwards. Quite simple definitely, if you need two hooks to go inside the overlap arm then depend in on the 3rd hook and hook this into the 1st actual glider or ring. Leaving the 1st and 2nd curtain hooks to simply dangle in Place. proceed hanging your curtain working from the center outwards. Which is how to hold curtains my way (the simplest way certainly “wink”)

Then once you have attained the ends of your respective keep track of or rod (getting rid of any surplus gliders or rings). You go back to the middle and hook in the last few curtain hooks in the overlap arms. So avoiding Placing to A lot fat on them.

Very well I hope you have picked up a couple of “Ideas” on how to hang curtains. This really is just the initial stage. Future is the “Dressing” of your curtains.

Lee Stevens has been linked to the building and fitting of a myriad of window therapies for many years. He now writes “Tips on how to” article content on this subject matter to help you Other individuals create the window treatment plans of their desires.