Who Wants to Harvest Fresh Herbs From Their Home Herb Garden?

If you’re fond of being able to have herbs at anytime of the year from your home herb garden then you’ll appreciate the importance of correctly harvesting them so as to enjoy the fresh herbs in your meals or other medicinal or aromatic uses.

However, at times, you may need to preserve the herbs for later use.

Harvesting the herbs in your home herb garden requires following some guidelines of botanical nature. Professional practices include selecting best time to harvest by employing careful crop preparation techniques.

Keeping in view the type, size and strength of the existing herb, the crop is prepared. Preferably, to protect the drying out of essential oils of the herbs, the morning time is selected.

You can utilize a small portion of the existing plant, up till its foliage, for harvesting the new crop.

For future use, the herbs can be stored by following simple steps.

The process of drying the herb, followed by either freezing it or preserving it using a special preparation of salt or vinegar that’s employed.

Drying an herb is easy, first by making the cut, then bundle it in smaller groups and place them inside, away from sunlight. Herbs wrapped in wax paper, can be kept in the freezer to preserve them for a long time.

Of course, the real enjoyment comes from consuming the fresh herbs from your home herb garden. As a precautionary measure, clean the herbs in running water before using them for culinary purposes. This will protect you from any infection or health problem.

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